If you are considering selling in the next year or two, any updates you do to your home will be much appreciated by Buyers.  Today’s buyers prefer an updated kitchen, newer bathrooms, light colored walls, wood and tile floors.

The ‘big’ things include roof, heating system, and the septic system.  People love these to be ‘newer’.  They can be big expenses and most people buying a home want to be confident they will not have a major expense moving in.  It’s one thing if the hot water heater goes in your first month, but it is another thing if the septic system needs to be replaced right when you move in.

Also work on small repairs.  Really look closely at your home.  As owners, we often no longer see the rotting trim, wobbly toilet, few deck boards that need to be replaced, missing light switch covers and so on.  Fix these items.  Paint. Repair.  It all will help when time to sell.