The mud room – where you come in and kick off your shoes and drop your coats – seems to be morphing.  Seems like the traditional mudroom image is dark, not too big, messy and the room you close the door on after you enter the house.  Not any more!  Mudrooms – or Arrival Zones – can be beautiful!  Light and roomy and part of the house – a place you like to show off now!  Not just hide.

The room has a lot of purposes.  It might have the laundry in it, a craft space, a sink, a bench to take shoes off and cubbies to store things in.  The floor is usually a tile or something very durable for dirt and water to constantly be on it.  Might be a spot to clean your pet…store your sports gear…charging station for electronics. 

You’ll be amazed at the pictures online if you google mudrooms. You just might have a new weekend project now!