I just read this online somewhere and I believe it.  Things have changed for sure with the way we all live in our world during Covid19 but we will come out on the other side more resilient.  Resilient:  able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions.

Maybe we will hug our family and friends more. We may cook dinner home more often – have family meals at the table. Perhaps we will build our savings accounts, pay down our credit cards so that when another crisis falls in our laps we feel less stressed about it financially.

In real estate, we may find the process more efficient.  With virtual tours and quality pictures on a house listing for sale, buyers are able to narrow down to the houses that really interest them.  After driving around neighborhoods and looking at the houses, they may choose to see just a few homes before they choose one.

For now, we do the best we can.  If we can help our friends, neighbors, clients…if there is something we can do for you…please call us.  We would love to try to do what we can.  Be well.