If a Buyer wants to look at your home right now, they are serious.  Potential homebuyers are searching on the internet for homes…they are looking closely at all the pictures and they are watching virtual tours and looking at maps online and going on to town websites to see what information they can get about the property.  In other words, they are doing a lot of work to find out about the house, neighborhood and town.  They are driving by the house, seeing what the neighborhood is like, where the nearest beach or school is – the things that are important to this buyer.

The potential buyer is doing everything they can to learn if this is the right house for them BEFORE they ask to see the inside.

With our sellers permission, we can accommodate showings with precautions. But what we really wanted you to know that in the middle of a pandemic…in the middle of stay at home orders…if a buyer requests to see the inside of your home…they are seriously interested.