The long days of great weather make the summertime an ideal time to pack up and move. The actual moving process, however, can be stressful. Here are a few tips to make the big move easier!

Label boxes well: Everyone says it because it’s true! Keep a sharpie tucked behind your ear and it’ll make a world of difference!

Purge before packing: Instead of trying to jam everything from your attic into a moving van decide on what you know you want and need and what is just taking up space. Have a yard sale, give gifts to friends – get rid of it!

Keep important items close: Make sure you prioritize what’s in the front of the van vs. what you leave buried amidst the moving boxes. If you use it daily make sure it stays convenient and safe!

Prep: Reserve the moving van early, pick it up the night before, make sure you order boxes, labels, bubble wrap, etc. way before your moving date.

By doing these things and driving that big moving truck safely you’ll be sure to have a great moving day.