99% of buyers would never dream of putting an offer on a home without having first visited to see if the house feels right for them and their family. But what if you could tour a home from the other side of the world?

There are already low-cost Cardboard viewers and plastic headsets that work with an iOS or Android phone, but more sophisticated models are debuting this year and range from $599 – $799 and up.

These headsets fill the buyers complete field of vision and viewers can look up, down and from side to side to experience every aspect of the house, as if they were actually inside of it.

For now, Real Estate brokerages are hiring Virtual Production companies to do the 3-D video or scan and loads them onto the headsets. 3-D scans cost about $500 for a 3,000 square foot home- not as expensive as one would think!

The real costs come from the price of headsets and equipment. For now these 3-D virtual tours seem to be sticking to the luxury market but we’re predicting within the next few years it’ll be common procedure for all new listings. Stay tuned!