In the midst of COVID 19 pandemic, we thought you might be curious if closings are taking place.  Yes!  Yes, they are but they look different than in the past.  A ‘traditional’ closing involved attorneys, Realtors, sellers and buyers all sitting at a table together.  There is conversation, explanations, signing of papers and handing over of keys.  Usually followed by hugs and handshakes and wishes of congratulations to all.

Our closing last week went like this.  The sellers signed with their attorney in person ahead of time.  The listing agent, buyer agent and buyer did the final walk through.  The buyer alone went to the attorneys office to sign papers.  The attorney recorded online with the Registry of Deeds.  An email was sent to all stating that the deed had been recorded and offered congratulations to all.

It felt a little anticlimactic not being able to congratulate everyone and see the happiness BUT the end result was the same.  Happy Sellers and Happy Buyers all moving on to their next life adventure!